Steve Hughes

Steve holds himself to high standards. Even when it comes to his life goals. “I want to be Batman.” Give Steve a deadline for that goal and he’ll probably find a way to make it happen. That’s what he does. He’s the consummate professional and his work ethic is stuff of legend. Steve’s creativity was obvious as a child. He always lived in his imagination, whether it was drawing, creating or just “inventing things.” His curiosity lives on as an adult through hobbies – pottery, movies, science and history documentaries – and of course through his work as our Chief Creative Officer. (Just don’t ask him to have his picture taken.) He leads our team of highly skilled designers and art directors. Steve takes pride in his ability to represent an idea or campaign in a creative way that gets noticed and delivers results for the client. He’s also proud to be part of a firm with an earned reputation for developing a deep knowledge of the business of its clients. “That’s possible because of the relationships we form with clients. Those relationships re-enforce quality communication and efficient workflow.”

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