Tyler Catania

Originally from San Diego, Tyler grew up in Omaha from the age of 10. Young Tyler was an innately creative thinker and old soul who cherished family, cheese and sports. Older Tyler is much the same, albeit with an expanded palate. Since marrying his lovely wife, Pascale, and having their son, Ozzy, he’s leaned heavily into dad life, right down to his passion for lawncare. He loves playing outside with the Ozz-Man and going to the movies to see anything by Tarantino, Wes Anderson or A24. He’s a die-hard Chargers fan and an overall sports fanatic, especially when it comes to his beloved Creighton Bluejays. He’s a gamer, podcast listener, camper, room re-designer – in other words, Tyler gets a second wind when the sun goes down. He brings experience in all areas of marketing to his role as Chief Operations Officer. Tyler provides a visionary, guiding hand to our entire operation, including his leadership of the Accounts Management Team. (He’s also the firm’s official translator of Wendy Wiseman idioms, a role he takes seriously and for good reason; she has a lot of idioms.) Tyler’s goals for the future: To drive continued business growth for the firm, to build on a workplace culture that is already second to none, and to continue being the best dad he can be.

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