Zoey Sterba

Growing up in Omaha, Zoey was a self-described “sassy kid” with a love for the performing arts. She always had a knack for side hustles – selling lemonade, creating homemade greeting cards, cleaning cars. She’s carried that same entrepreneurial spirit into adulthood with experience as a small-business owner and operator. At Constellation Collective, Zoey combines her creativity, cultivated as a theater kid, with her attention to detail and the bottom line, honed at lemonade stands and fully realized through her own business, and the result is an Account Manager who helps ensure client success through campaigns executed with inventiveness and precision. (And the kid with sass is now a colleague whose spirited personality fuels an infectiously positive workplace culture.) Outside of work, Zoey likes to camp, spend time with friends and family, and bury her nose in a book for hours on end. A few of her favorites are “The House of the Spirits,” “Pachinko” and “My Brilliant Friend.” Zoey seeks inspiration every day, in all sorts of ways – from her colleagues, her clients, her piles of books. As a result, everyone in her orbit reaps the benefits.

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