Alyssa Sova

Luckily for us and our clients, Alyssa is still the same person in many ways that she was growing up outside Sacramento, California: Vibrant, cheerful, positive, approachable and eager to lend a helping hand. But don’t let her sunny demeanor fool you – Alyssa’s in it to win it, just like she was as a soccer player at Creighton University. She was a fierce competitor for the Jays – we have the knock-down, drag-out photos to prove it! – and at Constellation Collective she’s fiercely committed to serving our clients with a level of service that’s tough to beat. Outside work, she’s all about family and loves being a mom and wife. Alyssa cherishes spending time with her husband, Bryan; daughter, Sophia; and newborn son, JJ, especially the weekends when they look forward to hanging out at parks, the farmer’s market, sporting events and anywhere outside in the fresh air. She’s a fan of all things Creighton sports, as well as the Kansas City Chiefs. Alyssa is thorough, and not just at work. Every night before she goes to bed, Alyssa checks her front door to make sure it’s locked and her garage door to make sure it’s closed – at least three times each. Everything in its place, that’s Alyssa. She’s another reason Constellation Collective is the place to be, for marketing pros who are in it to win it and clients who want results.

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