Deep Dives

When you’re ready for a partner that dives to the deepest depths of your business and emerges ready to make you an industry leader, Constellation Collective is that partner.

Deep dives are endemic to our collective and have been a fundamental building block for launching new brands, solidifying brand recognition, working with disrupters to bust categories, and creating industry leaders of our partners. Deep dives are integral to creating successful marketing campaigns. From our 30+ year history as Zaiss & Company to our modern-day Constellation Collective, we have relied heavily on data analysis that informs strategies to ensure that every move we make is done with the utmost intention. Data and research are king and you need an extension of your team who understands how to take your brand from sea level to the stars above.

Let the stars on our team dive deep and emerge with ingenious business and brand strategies and creative ideation that takes your brand to the next level.

What I appreciate most about working with the agency is three things: the strategy they brought to our marketing so it was smart and effective, their big ideas and how they made things happen, and the results! With our partnership we enjoyed record new customers, exceeded our goals overall, increased retention, and met our fundraising goal, too.

Star Case – Lueder Construction Rebrand

Lueder Construction had solicited bids from other local firms when they saw our ad in the Midlands Business Journal about better branding. One inquiry was all it took to form a respectful partnership and begin the exciting brand differentiation research that unearthed a new logo and tagline.

Our personal interviews with Lueder’s best customers, coupled with our deep dive research on their 135-year history and industry, informed our strategies for color, font and the optimal words for the new tagline that perfectly express Lueder’s unique strength. We always want our clients to love their logos, and Lueder does. So much so that we helped launch it on signage, collateral, identity system, new website and even vehicles!


OLD Lueder Logo


Lueder logos