All the great creative and smart marketing strategies won’t do your brand any good if you don’t get these out in front of the right people who need to see them – multiple times – in order to act.

If the reach of your messages isn’t targeted and not planned to expose your target to your message multiple times in this overly crowded multi-channel market, you may be in danger of talking “deeply and passionately to yourselves.” It’s not easy to keep your finger on the pulse of media today – paid and organic. Pay-Per-Click (PPC)and the social media channels are designed to be monetized – that means brands, more than not, need to pay to play. Our in-house experts stay on top of trends, algorithms and outcomes to assure you that we are good stewards of your marketing budget and want it to deliver optimum results. It’s just too complex, and too important, to leave to someone who doesn’t have the dedicated time to devote to this key element of marketing your brand.

Media reach includes PPC, digital ads, OTT (over the top TV) and CTV (closed TV), paid and organic social media, broadcast TV and radio, streaming radio, email marketing, text, print and online publications, the latest Ai opportunities and so much more.

When we develop strategic marketing plans with you, these inform the right combinations of media channels to make a difference in the market.

I recently saw a new television commercial for our college! After seeing it I honestly felt like I wanted to go all the way back to freshman year and start over! I love the modern feel! The music is perfect! When I see and hear new and exciting ad campaigns about the school they always give me a comforting feeling, especially when I become ‘captured’ by them, and they are truthful.

The workshop promotion was a huge hit!! Had so many compliments, and people saying it made them come to the session. When they did, they referenced the premium! Thank you!!!