Jason Keese

Jason discovered his passion for writing while working on his high school newspaper. The deal was sealed when the paper’s advisor sent a note home to his parents that read, “Jason has a talent for stringing together sentences. He should stick with it.” He has, and there’s still nothing he enjoys more than turning a good phrase. As our Chief Content Officer, Jason leads a team of highly skilled writers who churn out creative, effective copy for digital, print and social media. He’s also the firm’s lead PR pro, helping clients smoothly navigate the sometimes choppy waters of media relations. He’s a bit of a grammar snob and believes the AP Stylebook belongs in the canon of great American literature. Away from work, Jason loves staying active – running, cycling, yoga and walking his big, goofy dog, Teddy. He’s a music junky. Casually ask him for a Spotify playlist and he’ll deliver six hours of songs. A proud Iowa native, Jason also is a die-hard Hawkeye fan – born, raised and cursed, as he often says. Above all else, he’s the proud dad of two amazing daughters, Zoe and Anika. (Casually ask him about his daughters and you’ll hear an answer longer than his playlists.) Jason believes his greatest contribution to the firm’s workplace culture is the positive energy he brings to his job every day. “It’s easy to be positive when you love your job and the people you work with as much as I do.”

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