Will Gustafson

Will was a precocious child. He loved hatching his own adventures and was always up to – and into – something. He brings that same adventurous spirit to life as an adult. He loves being outdoors, whether he’s skiing, snowboarding, hiking or playing pickleball. He has a habit of always knocking on wood when necessary, part of Will’s knack for leaving nothing to chance, whether that’s by scaring away a jinx or going the extra mile to ensure a client is well-served in every way. He cherishes time with his fiancé, Jordan, and their dogs, Ned and Cashew, and cat, Luca. His favorite movie is “Everything Everywhere All at Once” (kinda sounds like Will) and his favorite band is Rebelution, whose debut album is called “Courage to Grow.” (definitely sounds like Will) As a fourth-generation marketer, Will believes in the power of marketing to grow brands. He brings his extensive experience in digital marketing, data analysis, company culture growth and creative ideation to his role as CRO. He thinks big-picture for clients and the firm, but always with an eye on the concrete strategy and execution that produces results. He sees that same mindset in everyone at Constellation Collective. “We’re all committed to going above and beyond to ensure the success of our clients.”

Pictured with Will:
Ned plays an integral role in boosting office morale, but he takes work-life balance to the extreme. He’s usually sleeping on the job or begging for belly rubs. His idea of teamwork is volunteering to eat his co-workers’ food. That being said, Ned might be the most popular member of the Constellation Collective team. He’s not a good dog; he’s the best dog.

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