Xally Rojas

Xally is the first to admit she was a bit of a rebel as a child growing up in Mexico City. Nothing too crazy, but she was “always audacious,” as she describes it. Fast forward to her life as an adult living in San Juan del Río, Mexico. Xally now enjoys … doing laundry. “It’s like a therapy session for me! It gives me a sense of accomplishment. Plus, I love the smell of freshly cleaned clothes!” As part of our Graphic Design Team, Xally always brings a fresh perspective and a knack for clean, crisp design. When she’s not hammering out creative and effective campaign materials, Xally enjoys visiting her city’s highest point – often on her bike – and reveling in a gorgeous sunset. Afterwards, it’s back down to the city square for ice cream. At home, she’s been known to spoil her cats by letting them eat off her spoon. (Don’t judge!) Xally takes great pride in her work and being part of a team that places such an emphasis on collaboration. She and her fellow designers create marketing materials that meet the unique needs of our clients – no cookie-cutter design at Constellation Collective.

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