Partner Spotlight: PeopleService

Constellation Collective, Powered by Zaiss & Co., has partnered with Omaha-based PeopleService as its full-service marketing firm for nearly a decade. PeopleService works closely with communities throughout the Midwest to offer contract water and wastewater operations management; billing and GIS mapping solutions; and consulting services in a variety of areas, including staff coaching and safety training.

We asked PeopleService President Chad Meyer about his company’s longstanding relationship with Constellation Collective, formerly Zaiss & Company.

How has your partnership with Constellation Collective impacted your business?

It’s had a very positive impact on our business by assisting us in connecting with both our prospective and current clients to make certain they understand the value in partnering with us. They have done a great job in assisting us with our messaging, brand recognition and visibility in the marketplace.

What stands out about partnering with Constellation Collective for your strategic marketing needs?

The thing that stands out the most is the way in which the staff dives in and learns about our business. They take pride not only in being an employee at their firm but also taking great pride in the success of PeopleService.

What would you say to anyone who is considering partnering with Constellation Collective?

The people there are honest, genuine and care deeply about their clients. Not only their clients’ businesses as a whole, but their clients as people, as well.

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