The formation of Constellation Collective, powered by Zaiss & Co.

Zaiss & Company made its mark when it was founded 34 years ago with the little-known concept of “account planning,” brought to the Omaha market and clients by founder Tracy Zaiss. This practice has been key to the firm’s success through the years. It yields smart strategies for brand positioning, media placement and strong creative that builds business.

On Friday, October 6, the firm announced an evolution of its own brand to reflect a view toward the future, rooted in the deep dives of account planning while offering the services that take clients’ brands to stratospheric heights.

With that as its starry backdrop, Zaiss & Company is now: Constellation Collective, powered by Zaiss & Co.

CEO Wendy Wiseman called it a privilege to lead the firm into its next generation of creative and business growth.

“At Constellation Collective, we’re honoring our roots and at the same time evolving so we’re ready to work with clients who want to grow through this new age of marketing communication and branding,” said Wiseman, who became CEO in 2022 after playing an integral leadership role in the firm for more than 25 years.

Wiseman coined a fitting metaphor for Constellation Collective, one that reflects every aspect of the firm’s work: Only stars.

“It speaks to our team members, our clients, our vendor partners and our campaigns,” she said. “It reflects the height of our commitment and passion for what we do as marketing professionals. Only the best, only the brightest and only the highest-quality work that yields results.

“Only stars.”

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