Three PR strategies businesses can’t afford to ignore

Jason Keese

By Jason Keese
Chief Content Officer

The Public Relations Society of America defines public relations as “a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.”

This definition guides true public relations professionals. It’s a philosophy that fuels forward-thinking PR pros when they strategize for clients. In 2024, we’re advising clients on a range of PR strategies and tactics, but there are three that most businesses and organizations should be incorporating into their PR strategy, regardless of their industry.

  • Organic social media has emerged as the primary public relations tool to reach your audience. Use it smartly. When I say organic, I mean non-boosted social media posts. When I say smartly, I mean measure the effectiveness of your organic social media posts. With tools to measure digital engagement, organizations can see in real time how large an audience they’re reaching. You can measure impressions, how many people are liking or sharing your posts, and if you’re doing it right, how many people are clicking through your post to your website and progressing down the sales funnel, or closer to whatever the client’s ultimate goal is. There also are emerging tools to even more effectively measure the monetary value of organic social media posts used as part of an overall public relations strategy.
  • Traditional media outlets are struggling; most industry-specific trade publications are not. Feed them content. Traditional news outlets have been struggling for decades with slashed budgets, dwindling staff and shrinking space for content. Trade publications (or “verticals”), on the other hand, continue to thrive. They cater to specific industries – sometimes even subsets of specific industries – so their audiences remain loyal and engaged. If there are publications that cater to your industry, identify them, consume them and build relationships with their editors and writers. Then feed them content, including guest columns, story ideas and expect sources, photos and video. Similar to targeted marketing efforts, this focused approach to public relations cuts through the clutter and takes your message directly to your audience.
  • Public relations messaging must be part of an overall marketing and communications plan – now more than ever. It’s always been important for an organization’s marketing and public relations efforts to work hand in hand. It’s never been more important than now, though, as consumers are bombarded with information from various communication channels. Consumers are more likely to remember and resonate with a brand when they receive consistent messages across various touchpoints. When marketing and PR are strategically aligned, the messages conveyed to the public are more authentic and trustworthy. This alignment helps establish a positive brand image and builds stronger relationships with potential customers and stakeholders.

These are three of the most important public relations strategies that organizations should be incorporating into their overall marketing and communications plans to achieve maximum results. Forward-thinking PR like this contributes to bottom-line results. If ignored, it’s an opportunity cost you can’t afford to miss.

About the author

Jason Keese is Chief Content Officer for Constellation Collective. He brings more than 25 years’ experience in journalism, public relations and marketing to his current role, which includes leading a team of highly skilled writers and content producers and acting as the firm’s lead PR pro. Jason started his career as a reporter and editor at various newspapers in Iowa, Nebraska and New York. He’s directed external and internal communications for a wide variety of businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations, including those in the realms of higher education and healthcare. He’s a bit of a grammar snob and believes the AP Stylebook belongs in the canon of great American literature.

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