Bob Kirk

As a child in South Omaha, Bob loved playing with bugs and critters of all kinds. He still carries that fascination as an adult. Bob routinely leaves colleagues bug-eyed in wonder with his nature discoveries, which he often captures through breath-taking photographs. Outside work, Bob is most content when he’s biking, hiking, bird watching (favorite book: “Birds of North America”) and listening to music (favorite band: Buck Naked and the Bare Bottom Boys). At work, Bob is at peace when he’s helping colleagues and clients produce creative, effective materials for print, digital and web. He exemplifies the “Collective” in Constellation Collective, always eager to lend a hand to help the team meet a deadline. Bob’s attention to detail is unmatched, and he’s often called upon to lend his eagle eyes to proofing ads, websites, newsletters, brochures, flyers – you name it. In fact, he’s so detail-oriented, he always has his car radio set to a prime number – but never 13! That would be bad luck, of course, and we’re nothing but lucky to have Bob as part of the team.

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