Wendy Wiseman

Wendy’s professional experience and accolades could fill an entire website, so let’s start with this: There’s no one more respected in marketing for their innovation, creativity and vision than Wendy Wiseman. She cut her teeth in the creative and media departments at Bozell Global, then headquartered in Omaha. She soon moved to San Francisco and WPP Group’s  J. Walter Thompson, the fourth-largest agency in the world. She then moved to a media position at Young & Rubicam, also in the WPP Group, before being asked to join U.S. Sprint as director of advertising, where she was part of the storied Candice Bergen spokesperson campaign in the highly competitive telecom industry. At Sprint, Wendy received the company’s first-ever Annual Market Impact Award for Exceptional Results, and the company won numerous advertising awards, including an Effie for a leading national campaign. As the client, she was the lead on campaign production, including Super Bowl spots. Her success at Sprint led to her being hired away by competitor MCI to serve as Director of Marketing in the D.C.-area world headquarters.

A third generation Omahan with a long family legacy in writing, oration and ideation, Wendy returned to Omaha in 1995 to lead marketing efforts for a national telecom start-up. No stranger to agency life, and thriving in the multi-faceted and fast pace, Wendy joined Zaiss & Company and served as Director of Marketing for a Denver-based telecom company at the same time. In 2022, Wendy became owner and President of Zaiss & Company, now Constellation Collective, where she is the CEO today.

Like all true visionaries, Wendy parlays her extensive experience with her innate drive to create strategic, effective campaigns that grow brands and inspire our team. She credits her brilliant and ceiling-breaking mentor, Tracy Zaiss, as the shining example of hard work, insistence on knowing our clients’ businesses as well as they do, and keeping our fingers on the pulse of market trends – all what every client deserves in exchange for their faith and trust in us.

Anticipating trends in marketing and business, Wendy’s bold vision and courage is on full display today having led the transformation of Zaiss & Company to Constellation Collective, Powered by Zaiss & Co. While honoring our roots established by founder Tracy Zaiss, the evolution assures we are poised and ready to work with clients who want to grow through this new age of marketing communication and branding. Seeing market trends, Wendy serves as the Director of Marketing and co-owner of Horsepower Today, a disruptive company that matches dedicated  experienced professionals with businesses who want to grow and/or sell.

Inside Constellation Collective, Wendy has built a reputation even more vital to her business success than her professional resume’ – that of a beloved leader, trusted colleague and inspiring mentor who loves to make marketing challenges fun. (And they are when you love our craft.)

She leads in our community, too, having served on numerous non-profit and business-building boards. Today she serves on the Bellevue University College of Business Advisory Board and Marketing Advisory Committee, is vice president/president elect of the Lauritzen Botanical Gardens Board, a member of the Sustainable Initiatives and Alliances Africa (SIA) Board and serves on the Capital Campaign committee at her church. She is an Officiant of the Universal Life Church and Certified End-of-Life Doula.

Wendy famously coined the term “Only Stars” to describe Constellation Collective. It’s the perfect metaphor for who we are and everything we do. Our team members – only stars. Our clients – only stars. Our partners – only stars. Our campaigns – only stars.

And in this Constellation Collective, Wendy is our guiding star.

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