A legacy of giving back, a commitment to the future

Wendy Wiseman

Constellation Collective President and CEO Wendy Wiseman is featured in the 2024 Giving Guide, published by Metro Magazine and Midlands Business Journal. The Giving Guide is the region’s preeminent publication that highlights local nonprofits and businesses making a difference in the community.

Wiseman is one of two community leaders featured as part of a “Philanthropy Q & A” section. She talks extensively about the agency’s legacy of giving back to the community and how philanthropy is engrained in its overall mission and values.

“As a firm, when we make a point to look outward and give to the community, this creates the opportunity for people to work in a culture that advocates for work-life balance, appreciates talent and dedication, and allows for the application of their marketing knowledge and experience in spaces that help others in our community,” Wiseman said.

During its nearly 35-year history, the firm has contributed thousands of dollars in corporate philanthropic contributions, and overall has supported more than 100 organizations.

“We’ve completely rebranded several, helping get to mission, vision, values, naming and logo. We’ve consulted on organizational strategies and planning to meet business goals. We’ve developed integrated marketing plans to stimulate donations, and we’ve helped write grant applications,” Wiseman said.

Constellation Collective always looks to the future, and it’s no different when it comes to philanthropy and community engagement.

“We will always support nonprofits in our community, particularly as need increases. Historically, the agency principals have been the ones to serve or be the front person for organizations we serve,” Wiseman added. “Today and in the future, front-line participation will be the purview of anyone on staff with the passion to serve.”

Read the full interview with Wiseman (page 13 of the digital document) and check out the rest of the 2024 Giving Guide.

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